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I normally do commissions for VRChat Avatars, Worlds, & other 3D models! I also do commissions for Plushies, Fursuits, Fursuit Partials, & other costume/cosplay items!If you would like a commission, please contact me.
I'd love to see what you'd like!

• $35 - Avatar Re-texturePre-built base and/or avatar, with changes to the texture of the model. There can be minor cosmetic changes or small body modifications.• $60-125 - Custom AvatarFully customized avatar, from the ground up! The model is built from scratch to your specifications!• + $5-10 - Simple Add-onSimple additions that don't require a lot of work. This could be an object toggle, color swap, small animation, or much more! See me for more details.• + $15 - Complex Add-onComplex or lengthy add-ons that require a lot more work to implement. This can include full body outfits, locomotion prefabs, complex prefabs & more. See me for more details.• + $15-30+ - Custom Add-onAdd-ons built from scratch for the avatar. This can include custom outfits, secondary body textures, custom dance/idle animations, and much more! See me for more details.


Parts of an avatar may need to be purchased from a source like Gumroad, Etsy, VRCArena, VRMods, or other sites. Due to this, there's a few scenarios that need explanation on how the commission total is affected:

• Double-Party Purchase Requirements
Certain assets may require both parties (client and artist) to purchase the asset, or at least own it. For me, you are required to show proof of purchase, or proof of ownership to SylviaCrisp via any direct messaging program.

If the asset needs to be purchased by both parties, and the artist (me) does not own it, the price will be determined by the info below:

• Pre-purchased Assets Equal To or Under the Addon's Cost
If an asset has a price tag that's equal to or underneath the cost to implement the addon, the cost for the addon will be equal to only the build cost. In this instance, both prices are added together, and the asset's cost is subtracted.

For instance, if there's an item that's $7.50 USD, and the cost to add it to the avatar is $10.00 USD, the total for the addon would only be $10.00, since that's the cost to add it to the avatar.

• Pre-purchased Assets Over the Addon's Cost
^If an asset has a price tag that's over the cost to implement the addon, it will be added to that cost, minus the amount of the implement fee. The implement cost would then be the same cost as the asset itself, instead of the two costs put together.

For instance, if an asset costs $45.00 USD, and the cost to implement is $15.00 USD, the total for the addon would be $45.00 USD, since that's the cost of the original asset. ^

• Avatar Bases & Premades
If there's a premade avatar, or specific avatar base that you want, that has a pricetag associated with it, the cost of that base or premade will be added to the total.

For instance, if you want a retextured Wickerbeast, the cost for a retexture is $35.00 USD, and the cost for the Wickerbeast avatar is $25.00 USD. In total, the cost would then be $60.00 USD.

• $25-$125 - Custom World^Custom hangout world made specifically for you! Normally includes mirrors, music, lighting, & a friendly atmosphere! Game worlds are not included in this, only worlds that you can hang out with your friends in. ^Please message me for more details!

I also offer many other varieties, especially for VRChat and other 3D programs. I offer:- Blender Renders
- VRChat Avatar Outfits & Items
- SylviaCrisp's Public Avatar unity packages
- Custom Models & Textures
- and much more!
Please contact me privately for more information, and if you have any questions. I'm willing to answer whatever you require!

I'd love your support!

If you have any questions, please DM me, or email me:#SylviaCrisp#5233 on Discord
[email protected]
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